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Approximate Year in T'sar: 18-Million years since formation.
Brokndrsemes is in charge of creating the 'gas' planets surrounding Genesis.
I have come up of a name for our first star system, C'satherin. Our first (And only) planet within the system is named simply Genesis.
From now on, if you create an element it must have a two letter abbreviation to classify it. Do not repeat abbreviations, if I find one repeated it shall be changed. The Latin system will work.
The Galaxy United website now has a new format to it. If you have any suggestions for future updates don't hesitate to PM me.
The minimum characters needed to post a topic is now lowered to two, as apposed to the previous ten.
A new quick reply feature has been added to the forums.
Chatbox has now been added to the bottom of the homepage.

    I have arrived!



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    I have arrived!

    Post by Eochaid on Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:07 pm


    I specialize somewhat in chemistry. I am also into economics, not as though that will be relevant for a long while, lol.

    One suggestion: the text on the buttons (for instance, "Preview" and "send" need to be a lighter color, like white or pale gray. They're black right now, which makes them very hard to read, even with my contrast all the way up. Same for the user stats, come to think of it. Otherwise, it's quite nice.

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    Re: I have arrived!

    Post by Aziti on Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:46 pm

    Hello! Welcome to Galaxy United. Go to the Introduction to the Galaxy Section and read the rules and the introduction!
    We do chemistry too! This is a serious scientific forum!

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    Re: I have arrived!

    Post by Ocelot-Adamska on Fri Sep 25, 2009 6:06 pm

    Welcome to the T'sar galaxy, a blank canvass void of life or mystery. An empty shell, not for long. Galaxy United is a little project of mine, to do just that, unite a galaxy. To bring together the best and most imaginative minds of the internet and create our own section of the universe. From microscopic organisms to intelligent beings, from ecosystems to solar systems, together we will create it all. Now here's the sad part, unfortunately due to the scale of the project we will never finish. The galaxy is a large place, too big for us all. However, we will create until we can't create anymore. The galaxy is your canvass, you are the artist.

    Welcome. Before you start I must state a that this is a serious scientific thread, so spam will not be tolerated, I assume you read the guidelines. When enough people get online we shall start to create our first solar-system. I'm glad you can join in my little project.

    We are going to skip 18-billion years since the formation of T'sar. All the starts are made, but we must classify them (Technically creating them). We are going to center on one star with one planet orbiting around it, this is the first star-system. This planet will be basic, only microscopic organisms live there. We will create them.

    I am Ocelot-Adamska, the administrator and creator of this website.


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    Re: I have arrived!

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