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Approximate Year in T'sar: 18-Million years since formation.
Brokndrsemes is in charge of creating the 'gas' planets surrounding Genesis.
I have come up of a name for our first star system, C'satherin. Our first (And only) planet within the system is named simply Genesis.
From now on, if you create an element it must have a two letter abbreviation to classify it. Do not repeat abbreviations, if I find one repeated it shall be changed. The Latin system will work.
The Galaxy United website now has a new format to it. If you have any suggestions for future updates don't hesitate to PM me.
The minimum characters needed to post a topic is now lowered to two, as apposed to the previous ten.
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    Post by Shaper on Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:36 pm


    Domain: Bacteria (Red)

    Phylum: Fusobacteria

    Composition: Multicellular; 34 nanograms

    Cellular composition: Virus (Pure, hereditary)

    Mortim (pronounced 'MOHR-tim'), coming from the latin words 'Mortus', meaning death, and 'Tim', meaning fear. Mortim is a hereditary condition that is very uncommon, and only happens when there are more than 34 A-G-G repeats in a certain DNA helix. When the organism has Mortim, which is like cancer, but more fatal, it will usually grow extremely vulnerable, drowsy, weak, and small until it dies. During this period, it will have hallucinations that cause the organism to feel great bouts of fear and pain.

    Immune system weakness, growth stunts, shriveling, vulnerability, drowsiness, nausea, and hallucinations.


    This condition is only obtained by having 34 or more A-G-G repeats in a DNA helix. This is very uncommon.

    However, this condition is incurable for now, and has a 90% death percentage.

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    Re: Mortim

    Post by etherealk9 on Mon Sep 28, 2009 11:20 pm

    So, this disease causes severe disruption of normal brainwave patterns, then? I'd hate to see this thing infect somebody since it does sound like a very dangerous and very feared disease, which makes it's name quite appropriate.

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